Extremely Affordable Prototype PCB Manufacture

PrestoPCB aims at empowering the Maker and DIY culture in India with affordable, high quality PCB's. Get started with our range of PCB manufacture options for a prototype, small run order, or a medium sized order. We also have a PCBStore where we sell Open Source, standard and useful PCB's for your next Arduino or electronics project.

Proto Order

375/- per square inch
Includes 3 double sided boards
9 working days pan India delivery*
Flat 100/- shipping fee

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Medium Run Order

Minimum order of 150 square inches
90/- per square inch, two sided board
15 working days PAN India Delivery
Flat 175/- shipping fee

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Buy common PCB's from our PCB Store

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To-Do Items for PrestoPCB

We have been working round the clock to get the site up and running. The supporting functionality to get your PCB manufactured is already in place. Here is the To-Do list that we are internally following, but we would like to open it to the world Work in progress items( in order of importance) 1)

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Birth of a new Service!

It takes usĀ great pleasure to introduce PrestoPCB in India. What is PrestoPCB? Known fact: PCB manufacture is expensive for prototyping. PrestoPCB aims to change this. Makers and electronics engineers spend a ton of time making their projects on breadboards, or general purpose PCB’s. Or they use a laser printer, a clothes iron, some really nasty

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