Birth of a new Service!

It takes us great pleasure to introduce PrestoPCB in India.

What is PrestoPCB?

Known fact: PCB manufacture is expensive for prototyping.

PrestoPCB aims to change this.

  • Makers and electronics engineers spend a ton of time making their projects on breadboards, or general purpose PCB’s.
  • Or they use a laser printer, a clothes iron, some really nasty chemicals and also, a ton of time.

Both these processes are prone to failures, during the project creation phase and most of the times, during important demos. Wires get loose, solder joints give away, and poor quality boards lead to flaking of PCB traces.

What if a couple of makers could share the high cost of PCB fabrication, so eventually each design costs less?

This is the first problem. Searching for a maker who wants to manufacture a PCB.

All commercial PCB fabrication is done on panels of a fixed size.

The cost of PCB manufacture roughly remains the same irrespective of the size of the PCB someone is prototyping. The best bang for a buck is only when a design can cover the whole panel. The manufacturer can, at times can add multiple designs on the same panel to provide a better price, which is dependent on the manufacturer’s queue.

This is the second problem. Syncing with another maker who wants to manufacture a PCB when you want to.

How is PrestoPCB solving this?

We solve those two problems by providing:

  • An online platform where makers in India can submit a PCB design for manufacture to an active panel.
  • A fixed day of the week, by when new designs can be submitted. This is the submission cut-off day. Designs received after this cut-off date are added to the panel for next cut-off day.

Makers submitting their designs are charged by the area in square inches of the smallest rectangle that covers their design. It costs 375/- per square inch.

And they receive 3 fabricated boards on the 9th day after cut-off,  pan India, for a flat shipping price of 100/-. Pickup in Mumbai is free.

So what are you making today?

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