Design Rules

PCB Physical Parameters

  • 35μm copper
  • Two layered boards
  • HASL Surface Finish
  • Green Soldermask
  • White Silkscreen

File submissions

Please email your gerber files with PCB quantity to

PCB Quantity should always be in multiples of 3.

Gerber CAM files (in Zip format)

Please follow the below mentioned naming scheme for all your gerbers

  • board.gtl Top Layer
  • board.gbl Bottom Layer
  • board.gts Top Soldermask
  • board.gbs Bottom Soldermask
  • board.gto Top Silkscreen
  • board.gbo Bottom Silkscreen
  • board.gko Board Outline
  • board.xln Drills

“board” can be whatever you like. The extension is what determines the layer.

Design Rules

Routing Specifications for our manufacturing process as follows

  • 8 mil minimum trace width
  • 8 mil minimum spacing
  • minimum 15 mil clearances from traces to the edge of the board
  • 20 mil minimum drill size
  • 8 mil minimum annular ring