To-Do Items for PrestoPCB

We have been working round the clock to get the site up and running. The supporting functionality to get your PCB manufactured is already in place. Here is the To-Do list that we are internally following, but we would like to open it to the world

Work in progress items( in order of importance)

1) Ecommerce integrated payment system

  • We are currently accepting payments using NEFT/IMPS transactions, which we would like to keep, but not as a primary mode of payment
  • A third party payment gateway integration is required.

2) Visual representation of uploaded PCB 

  • Parse layers in uploaded zip files and show each layer as a separate image. We have nailed down to using gerbv as our go to package/software to do this, but to make it fast and error-free requires additional development effort.
  • This effort is also dependent on having a vps which can run gerbv within the hosting server itself, or be done as an external program which runs on captive server.
  • We manually evaluate the size of the PCB and send pricining information on email, so this effort really kills a lot of birds with a single stone.

3) Store Front/ PCBStore

  • E commerce integrated store front for commonly manufactured PCB’s.
  • Dependent on having stock of manufactured PCB’s with us.

4) Login/Profile system

  • We want to build a secure login/profile setup where it is easy to track uploaded designs and select designs to be added to the fabrication queue quickly.
  • As a long term plan, we want to integrate PCB makers to be directly be able to sell a PCB design, while PrestoPCB handles the manufacturing.